Custom HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Solutions

Custom HRMS Solutions

A company’s HR (human resource) function is a crucial part of its business aspect. This is where custom HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) come in to solve the dilemma.

Out with the old and in with the new. Or at least, a new way of handling the human resource aspect of your business. A HRMS solution is a tool that businesses use to develop their teams and keep them engaged.

Solutions like these help small and medium businesses address the human resource related issues that they may be dealing with. Your employees are your resources, and as such, there must be an effective system in place to manage these resources. Like a customisable HRMS solution.

Ever since custom HRMS solutions came into play, it has been an industry game changer. Especially for companies with a high turnover rate, which sometimes happens within certain industries like hospitality and tourism. HR functions play an even more critical role in instances like these. Therefore, an effective HR management system and solution is even more essential.

A Customised Solution for Your Needs

The most beneficial element of using a HRMS solution is the customisable aspect. Using AI HRMS, you don’t have the hassle dealing with one size fits all solutions that you get with a lot of other providers. Our solutions are easily customisable based on your needs.

You pay a one-off fee for the license and it is yours to use forever. The fee also includes unlimited users for the software once you have paid for the license.

Under AI HRMS’s system, your HR functions will be divided into five main categories. The first will be your core HR function. The second is workforce management and talent management. The fourth is a asset tracking system. The final element learning management system.

Companies will easily be able to source and track their employees and handle the workflow better with a HRMS solution on board. You’ll be able to hire the best and keep training your employees to be the best with the learning management system.

Easily monitor courses and administer them to your new and current employees to ensure they are always kept up to speed with the learning management system. It’s a win-win solution for all. Employee morale, skills, and productivity remains high while the company hits its bottom line target everytime.

A Customised Solution for Your Needs

Full Control Over Your Data

Full Control Over Your Data

Your data is safe, secure, and protected. You’re able to once again customise it as you like to fulfill your organisation’s needs.

Among the functions that you get with custom HRMS solutions include employee wellness and onboarding, employee training and 360 degree feedback, leave applications, claims, performance review, organisation chart, employee timesheet keeping and record keeping.