Our Team

Meet the Vision Behind AI HRMS

Our Team

Stacey – Managing Director and Co-Founder

With a profound vision to revolutionize HR management through technology, Stacey embarked on the journey to establish innovative AI HRMS software. Her entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience in regional markets have been the cornerstone of the startup’s success.

Before joining AI HRMS, Stacey honed her skills and demonstrated exceptional capability in various regional roles, leaving a significant impact on every business she was involved with. Her journey through the corporate world was driven by a passion for excellence and growth, taking her through challenging and rewarding positions in regional sales. In these roles, She ensured global customer satisfaction and fostered strong relationships with corporate clients across the globe.

Stacey’s multifaceted experience, spanning sales, team development, and regional market expansion, fueled her resolve to address the often-neglected sphere of employee welfare and HR management.

“Recognizing the critical role of HR in nurturing a company’s most valuable asset—its people—I was compelled to create AI HRMS, a solution that addresses the often-overlooked necessity of HR management. It’s designed to be cost-effective, scalable for any company size, and enhances operational efficiency, truly emphasizing the importance of HR in achieving business success and fostering a supportive work culture.” – Stacey, Managing Director of AI HRMS